#Review @Zak_and_Jen Astronomical Adventures: Tinsel Town by Natalie Page (@LexiMorgan26)

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Zak and Jen are back with a second instalment of their astronomical adventures as they head to…Tinsel Town! Tinsel Town was written by Natalie Page and illustrated by Chris Rivers Nuttall. What a fabulous team they make! Today is my stop on the blog tour and I have the honour of bringing you a review AND a guest post from the author, Natalie.

Ready for your adventure? Open your brollies!


‘Zak flew to Jen’s planet and giggled with glee, he was so excited for what they might see… Best friends Zak and Jen are off on a Christmas adventure with their special umbrellas. This time, the pair fly to a new planet, but where is everybody? Enjoy the magic as Zak and Jen make some new festive friends and discover how important it is to make the most of every day’

I absolutely adored the very first book that Zak and Jen starred in, so when Natalie asked me to be involved in the blog tour for the second book how could I say no? I couldn’t read this instalment without my special little helper;  my three year old,. As soon as she spotted the cover of the book, she danced over to her bookshelf to find the other one. Bedtime came and Tinsel Town was chosen, what a perfect moment to read the book for the first time!

My little girl wasn’t the only one who came to be under Tinsel Town’s magic spell as I was too! Reading the introductory page had me spellbound by the wonderful, enticing words. Then came the illustrations. Wow.

Chris, you have completely outdone yourself! Every single illustration in the book gave me such a magical feeling!
Natalie’s poetic story alongside the illustrations had me feeling so enchanted, I am starting to wonder whether this truly is a magical book.

My daughter adored the book so much, she sat still the whole way through and asked me to read it a further 7 times. Tinsel Town has quickly become one of our favourite books to cosy up in bed with at bedtime. Such a beautifully written and designed book for children of all ages to enjoy, as well as their parent or guardian too. I cannot wait to find out about Zak and Jen’s next adventure!
Thank you Natalie for inviting me on your tour!

You too can go on an adventure with Zak and Jen if you purchase your very own copy! Perfect for a Christmas present!
Buy now!

Also, if you wish to keep an eye on Zak and Jen’s adventures, you can ‘like’ their Facebook page right >here!<

Guest post from author Natalie Page.

A typical Christmas in Natalie’s house

I am so excited to be sharing my typical Christmas with Kaisha on The Writing Garnet!

Recently, we moved to a new house in a really nice neighbourhood and last year, our street held a Christmas street party on Christmas Eve. It was great fun, we had mulled wine and sausage rolls and everyone took some time out to get to know each other!

Christmas Eve in our house usually involves wrapping presents that we haven’t yet wrapped and making sure that all the food is ready for Christmas Day. If my mother in law is around, we usually persuade her to make her traditional sausage rolls – afterall, who doesn’t love a homemade sausage roll at Christmas!

On Christmas morning, we all get up and go downstairs to open our stocking presents together and I will usually get some nice food in for a special Christmas morning breakfast. Last year we had smoked salmon, croissants and orange juice and Bucks Fizz! Once the stocking present opening is done, we usually move on to main presents – this process can take some time! I will also note that we usually have something festive on the TV at this point to really add to the Christmas mood.

When we have finally finished all the present opening, we get up and dressed and then it is my job to make a start on Christmas lunch. We normally have lunch around 1 / 2 pm so whilst my daughter is busy playing with her new toys, I am busy beavering away in the kitchen!

No-one is a big fan of Turkey in our family so our Christmas dinner usually involves roast chicken and all the trimmings. We then finish up with Christmas Pudding, some kind of chocolate dessert and mince pies, if there is one thing we like, it’s our puddings – although I never expect anyone to have all three!

After lunch it is all about relaxing, perhaps watching a Christmas movie or playing some board games. If the weather is decent we might even pop out for a walk. We usually have a light tea in the evening and then it’s time to go to bed.

We have quite a large extended family, so Christmas in our house usually spans at least two days. Boxing Day then essentially turns into a second Christmas Day so we have lots more food, games and general fun!

That’s pretty much it for our typical Christmas, nothing out of the ordinary really but we do like to make sure we make plenty of time for family and friends!


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