#Review! In A Manhattan Minute by Helen Rolfe (@HJRolfe) #bookboost #bookblogger


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but when the temperature dips, can Manhattan work its magic?

Jack exists in a world that has seen its fair share of tragedy, but also success and the wealth that comes with it. One snowy night, he crosses paths with Evie, a homeless girl, and it changes everything.

Three years on, Evie’s life is very different. She’s the assistant to a prestigious wedding gown designer, she’s settled in Manhattan, has her own apartment and friendships she holds dear. But the past is lurking in the background, threatening to spoil everything, and it’s catching up with her.

Kent has kept a family secret for two decades, a secret he never wanted to share with his son, Jack. And even though she doesn’t realise it yet, his life is inextricably tangled with Nicole’s, the woman who was his housekeeper for thirteen years and the woman who helped Evie turn her life around.

It’s Christmas and a time for forgiveness, love and Happy Ever Afters. And when the snow starts to fall, the truth could finally bring everyone the gift of happiness they’re looking for.

What does TWG think?

When I started the book I genuinely thought that it would be light, fluffy and full of Christmas antics. Yes, I got all of that from the cover! However, it didn’t take me long to realise that it would be anything BUT fluffy.

Evie is a homeless girl. A homeless girl with a past and bucket loads of stigma attached to her due to her lifestyle. Homeless. She wants to turn her life around and actually live without worrying when her next shower will be, or when her next hot meal would be. But, thanks to someone giving her the benefit of the doubt, her future starts to look less bleak…for now.

Then on the other end of the scale, we have Kent and Jack. A father and son duo who use monetary values as their mantras in life. The thing is, their life isn’t as simple as dollar bills and pound signs. Money can’t buy you love, or time..

We have both ends of the scale with this novel as it covers homelessness as well as the very wealthy. It isn’t very often that those two worlds come together, let alone in one book. I felt that Helen covered the homeless topic with such sensitivity whilst still keeping it raw and very poignant. It most definitely opened my eyes to the unfortunate fact that people do actually live like that, and passer-by’s can act like many of the characters that feature in this novel. It is a shame, but I am glad that an important topic, such as the one featured, has been brought to the world’s attention.

I’ll be honest, I took an instant disliking to Jack. His snobbery and pompous attitude made my skin crawl! Several expletives fell out of my mouth where he was concerned. #sorrynotsorry. The annoying thing was though, Jack’s character had gotten under my skin in such a way, I had to keep reading and hope to Santa that his attitude changed!

In A Manhattan Minute took me on a journey. A journey where I saw characters change direction within their lives and grow before my very eyes. A journey which highlighted what is important, as well as what’s not important. A journey that opened my eyes to unfortunate circumstances that are all around us.
Most importantly, In A Manhattan Minute made me realise that anyone can fly, as long as they hold onto their dreams like wings and never let go.

Another strong, powerful and poignant read from the very talented Helen Rolfe; a true mastermind in uncovering emotions from her storylines alone. Beautiful.

Thank you Helen Rolfe for pointing me in the direction of this book!

In A Manhattan Minute is available to purchase right now from Amazon UK

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