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#Review! The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Joanna Bolouri (@scribbles78) @QuercusBooks

I’m allowed to squeal right? SQUEALLLLLL!!!!
I am so excited to be today’s tour stop for Joanna Bolouri and her latest release; The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Quercus Books). Thank you so much to the publicity team at Quercus for allowing me to be on the tour! Incredible author!


Thirty-eight year old Emily has a satisfying job, fab friends and, most importantly, a wonderful flat, exactly 411 miles away from the judgemental, crazy, interfering family she reluctantly sees twice a year. In fact, the only minor stress in her life is her twenty-something neighbour Evan and his penchant for flirting, loud music and even louder sex . . . but he’s nothing she can’t handle.

Emily also has a boyfriend called Robert and it’s going really well. So well, in fact, that this year Emily is hoping to take him home for Christmas to meet her family. Finally she won’t be subject to five days of nosy questions from her parents and pity looks from her younger married siblings.

But when Robert breaks up with her a week before Christmas, Emily is gutted. How on earth is she going to face her family now? Enlisting the help of party boy Evan (in exchange for one month’s rent and the use of her convertible) Emily is determined to take Robert home for Christmas come hell or high water, even if it isn’t the real Robert . . .

What does TWG think?

Having read Joanna’s previous books (yes, all of them), my expectations were pretty high. I absolutely loved her style of writing in the other books and I was hopeful that it would continue. No pressure for the author eh!

Did it live up to my expectations? This novel went above and beyond! It’s safe to say that this festive treat is my most favourite book of Joanna’s.

We follow the life of Emily; a thirty-something woman who is loving life away from her interfering family, as well as being courted by Mr Robert. Sounds bliss really doesn’t it? Well, it would be if her neighbour didn’t decide to turn his sex volume up several decibels. The walls are thin, not exactly the most comforting lullaby to fall asleep to! Despite being unable to find her neighbours mute button, Emily makes a lot of noise celebrating the fact that she is FINALLY going to be taking her boyfriend, Robert, to her parents house this Christmas! Unfortunately, best laid plans and all that, Emily needs to come up with plan B. Or Plan ‘E’ as it should be….

#MostWonderful has quite simple jumped into my Top 10 books of 2016!
The moment I opened the book and engaged with the storyline; I was hooked completely. Joanna’s trademark humour set up camp the whole way through and was definitely there to stay as I have NOT laughed that much in ages. Emily was such a fun and feisty character to read about and follow the footsteps of; especially as her one liners were unbelievable! The innuendos and witty comments seemed to fall out of her mouth with such ease; if it wasn’t weird I would say that I am jealous of Emily! COUGH, I am jealous. She’s fabulous.
Emily’s friends seemed to have similar personalities to her which was a definite plus point as I couldn’t imagine Joanna writing a boring character to live with her hah!

I am afraid that I cannot comment on Robert as my opinion is not suitable before the watershed. Ahemmmmm!!!!

You know when you pick up a book, totally lose yourself in it and end up feeling on top of the world whilst reading it? #MostWonderful gave me that feeling. The entire book allowed me to escape, lose my inhibitions and just go with the flow of the storyline, enjoying it in the process. As I said above, I adore Joanna’s style of writing as it is so down to Earth and enjoyable. It’s as though she is right in front of you having a chat, and that’s what I loved about #MostWonderful in particular; the fact it is such an easy read. Everything is there for you within the storyline, you just need to let go and enjoy it. Considering I turned into a drippy nosed, squeaky woman whilst reading it, I loved it. Yes, that is what my laughing does. Sorry, no, my extreme laughing. I make all sorts of sounds…

There was nothing I disliked about #MostWonderful, at all.
A truly magnificent and damn right hilarious read that will make you think twice about love this Christmas. A book that had tears streaming down my face with laughter, Joanna’s humour turns this storyline into an innuendo work of art.
‘The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’ will definitely be #MostWonderful as long as you have Joanna Bolouri under your Christmas tree this year!

Thank you Quercus books!

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Joanna Bolouri, published by Quercus Books, is available to buy in both e-book and paperback format from Amazon UK.


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