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Blog Tour! #Review – Tell Me No Lies by Lisa Hall(@LisaHallAuthor) @HQStories #NoLies


Don’t. Trust. Anyone.

It was supposed to be a fresh start.

A chance to forget the past and embrace the future.

But can you ever really start again?

Or does the past follow you wherever you go…

Steph and Mark have just moved house, trying to find a way forward after all the secrets, lies and betrayal.

But starting over isn’t always easy. Especially when someone will go to any lengths to make sure you never forget…

What does TWG think?

It is an absolute honour to be involved in Lisa Hall’s blog tour for ‘Tell Me No Lies’! Thank you to Lisa and HQStories for inviting me on the tour.

Tell Me No Lies has been one of the most talked about books of the last few months. Lisa’s first book ‘Between You And Me’ had a lot of people in the book world hungry for more, so when it came to light that Lisa was writing another book, everyone went absolutely nuts (in a good way obviously)!

Steph and Mark finally get their much longed for fresh start, but seeing as Mark broke Steph’s trust once before, what’s to say that he won’t break it again? What’s to say that history won’t repeat itself due to Steph’s past either?

This review has been quite a tough one to write as I don’t want to say too much and give anything away, yet on the other hand, I want to shout about this book from the rooftops.
Think that you can trust your own judgement? Think again. Think that you can calculate characters actions based on the information given? Think again.

I thought that I was going stir crazy the whole way through the story because Lisa’s writing managed to work its way into my mind, and grab it like a vice. The storyline messed with my mind one hundred percent; but I couldn’t put the book down. The fast paced storyline was exceptionally written and kept me on my toes the whole way through.
The overall concept of the book was simple in terms of the amount of characters and what you saw was what you got in terms of that. However, hats off to Lisa Hall for turning a simple concept into a complex, raw and nail-biting read. Lisa has worked the storyline in such a genius and creative way, making use of the bare necessities as it were and turning them into a storyline that completely took my breath away.

A truly fantastic, exciting and intense highly anticipated second novel from the creative genius, Lisa Hall.

Thank you to Lisa and HQStories.

Tell Me No Lies by Lisa Hall, published by Harpercollins will be published tomorrow (20th October), but is available to pre-order right now! Head on over to Amazon UK right now!

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