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Blog Tour! #Review of ‘The Killing Game’ by J.S.Carol(@JamesCarolBooks) @bookouture #Tuesblog

Truly honoured to have been asked to be involved in the blog tour for J.S.Carol – The Killing Game! As you can see TWG is alongside a lot of highly rated bloggers; and that in itself is an honour!


Imagine you are having lunch at an exclusive restaurant, filled with Hollywood’s hottest stars.
And a masked gunman walks in and takes everyone hostage.
You must bargain for your life against a twisted individual who knows everything about you.
He also has a bomb set to detonate if his heart rate changes.
If he dies. You die.
You have four hours to stay alive.
What would you do?

What does TWG think?

I will shamefully admit that ‘The Killing Game’ was the very first book of the authors, that I had ever read. I know, I know, pretty diabolical really isn’t it? This particular book has been ALL over social media recently, accumulating nothing less than glowing praise. When I see that a book has had THAT amount of praise in a short space of time before I have read it, my level of curiosity soars. I have to find out what all of the fuss is about. Will I find the storyline as thrilling as others have found it?

The answer is a fear inducing, pulse racing: YES!

Oh my goodness, where do I begin? When you’re faced with a masked terrorist that means business, in public, you’re not exactly going to start singing ‘You got blood on your face, a big disgrace, kicking your can over the place..singing we will, we will, rock you’, are you? Well, you might but I don’t think the situation will end very well. To be honest, I don’t think the situation is going to end with everyone laughing and joking, do you?

No. Seeing as the terrorist gives the diners an ultimatum, you basically listen to him and do what he says, or you die. It’s as simple as that. The thing is, the diners in the restaurant aren’t short of a few bob or two and can easily buy their way out of anything, yet commoners are more likely to get their heads, arms and legs blown off.

After I finished reading the book I needed to rest, I was physically exhausted from the frightening rollercoaster ride that I had been on for the last few hours. My pulse was racing. My hands were clammy and beads of sweat had formed on my forehead. In any other circumstance it would be worrying, but in this circumstance, it was proof that the storyline had trapped me and sucked me into its petrifying existence.

The Killing Game is a book that you need to experience for yourself to get the true hair-raising reaction from the storyline. I still cannot comprehend fully what I had read, but I know for certain that this is a book NOT to be missed.

Gripping and thrilling, with a storyline that will make you forget to breathe momentarily; one that will also keep you on your toes the whole way through. The Killing Game by J.S.Carol is a must read of 2016 without fail.

Thank you Bookouture.

The Killing Game by J.S.Carol, published by Bookouture, is available to buy right now from Amazon UK.


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