#review! The Christmas Cake Café by Sue Watson (@suewatsonwriter) @Bookouture


Heart-warming and hilarious, a story that will make you laugh, cry and bring a smile to your face.  Get ready for another deliciously amazing Christmas treat from Sue Watson….

As the Prosecco chills and Bing Crosby croons, Jen Barker just knows that her long-term boyfriend is about to propose.  But instead of a diamond ring nestled in her champagne flute, Jen finds cold flat rejection.  Her once perfect life and dreams of a husband and family seem even further from reach.

A working holiday to the Swiss Alps with her younger sister Jody might not be the Christmas Jen had it mind, but it offers her the chance to recharge her batteries and recover from heartbreak.

When Jen meets handsome ski instructor Jon Zutter her hopes for a happy-ever-after seem within her grasp again. Jon is kind and gorgeous and as they bond over Sachetorte at the picturesque Cake Café, Jen thinks he might just be her perfect man. But a relationship with him comes with a catch – and there are some things even cake can’t fix.

As the snow falls and Christmas approaches, could this be the place that restores Jen Barker’s faith in love? 

What does TWG think?

Those who know me well know that I absolutely adore Sue Watson’s books, she is one of my most favourite authors. As soon as I found out that she had another Christmas book coming out, I just HAD to read it! Her first Christmas book, Bella’s Christmas Bake Off, was one of the first books that I reviewed on my blog back in April, so I am absolutely thrilled to be reviewing her second festive treat!

Oh my word, I could literally feel Jen’s excitement as she got ready to go out, especially given the fact that she thought that her long-term boyfriend was going to propose to her! I didn’t quite realise that I had stopped breathing in shock as the events unfolded; that was until I tried to shout ‘BARSTEWARD’, and realised that breathing first might be the most logical next step. Ahem.

Heartbreak can be as horrible as finding out that you picked up a roasted parsnip instead of a roast potato during your Christmas meal. Seriously uncalled for!

Luckily for Jen, her younger sister comes to her rescue and tries to persuade Jen that a working holiday to the Swiss Alps will be the perfect remedy. Ladies an gentleman, notice that I said TRIES.

During the story, I soon realised that Jen doesn’t exactly ooze good luck and I am sorry to say that I found it absolutely hilarious. Obviously, if I found myself in the situations that she found herself in once or twice…or thrice, I probably wouldn’t be laughing. But I couldn’t help myself and decided that laughing like a seal would be my ‘go to’ action of the book!

Once again Sue Watson has completely outdone herself as she has written another fantastic book which oozes her trademark humour and huggable writing. Despite the moments of hilarity; the storyline covers a few moments of heartbreak and re-building relationships which I felt added another dimension to the storyline and showed another side to each of the characters involved. One of the topics that Sue has covered in the story is quite complex and unfortunately quite popular in todays society. However, Sue has written about it so beautifully and in such a sensitive manner, it made the topic come across as ‘the norm’ instead of possibly frowned upon.

Whenever Sue writes a book I always want to give her a huge hug after reading it as it’s very clear that the book has been written from her heart and filled with love. ‘The  Christmas Cake Cafe’ is the home away from home; a truly magical book that is filled with intense emotion and a lot of love. Such a hug in a book that showcases Sue’s fabulous writing, one of her best books to date!

Thanks to Bookouture for my ARC.

Happy publication day Sue! ‘The Christmas Cafe’ by Sue Watson, published by Bookouture,  is available to buy from today (14th October) from Amazon UK.

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