‘The Wave’ by Lochlan Bloom(@LochlanBloom) -Blog tour! @NeverlandBT

Thank you to NeverlandBT for inviting me on the tour for Lochlan Bloom and ‘The Wave’! Today I will be bringing you an excerpt, as well as the all important details and to buy links for ‘The Wave’. Enjoy!



Outside it was hot. μ marched away from the Morgan building under a dark
cloud. He didn’t understand exactly what had unfolded in the professor’s study, but he
couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow he had transgressed. What he had done and
what he was accused of remained obscure to him but nonetheless painfully real.
What was so terrible if they chose to have a relationship? Wijklawski had all
but suggested it was immoral. What right did that old man have to make judgements?
Indeed what right did anyone have to pass judgement on the sort of relationships he
had? What did he care?

The other students infuriated him, carelessly lolling on the grass or engaged in
lazy ball games, happy that the term was over and they were free to relax. He
quickened his pace. What had any of this to do with that foolish old man? He could
take her or leave her. That would show them both if he did just cut things off. But was
that what they wanted?
He hated feeling like a naughty child. Why did he have to convince himself that
he had done nothing wrong? Alberta was not Wijklawski’s property.
He wanted to get as far away from the university and the campus as possible.
The town was busy at this time of day and he thought of taking a bus to the
countryside, but the idea of being trapped inside a vehicle with other passengers was

He walked through the park in a rage. The sun was bright overhead and the
stone buildings that lined its edges glistened keenly. μ took no notice. The dark
shadows under the trees appeared somehow more luminous.
μ stomped away from the centre of town, following a path that ran parallel to
the course of a small river. It was well into summer and the river, which was really
more of a stream and was never particularly plentiful, had run dry. He looked at the
banks in disgust, kicking a stone into the empty riverbed. It seemed to signify
something, but again he was at a loss as to exactly what.


When μ returns home to find a sinister screenplay has arrived from Brazil it
propels him on a quest to track down a character he believes to be
called Ddunsel.
As μ’s search progresses it slowly becomes entangled with two parallel tales –
the stories of DOWN, a troubled publisher, and David Bohm, a real-life quantum
theoretician in post-war São Paulo.
Just how far is it from London to Gotham City? Or from Paul Auster to Pierre
Menard for that matter?  Some people may think these sorts of questions are idle
and ultimately meaningless but this book is not for them.
The Wave combines multiple narratives to blend metafiction, historical
fiction and screenplay as each of the characters struggles to understand what is
reality and what is fiction.

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Lochlan Bloom is the author of the The Wave as well as the short
novellas Trade and The Open Cage. The BBC Writersroom describes his writing
as ‘unsettling and compelling… vivid, taut and grimly effective work’. He has
written for BBC Radio, Litro Magazine, Porcelain Film, IronBox Films, EIU, H+
Magazine and Calliope, the official publication of the Writers’ Special Interest
Group (SIG) of American Mensa, amongst others. Lochlan lives in London and
does not have a cat or a dog.

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