Day 3 TWG’s tour for ‘Someone To Love’!#Interview with Lucy Scala(@LucreziaScali)@Aria_Fiction


Welcome to day 3 of TWG’s tour for Lucy Scala and ‘Someone To Love’! Hope you’re enjoying the tour so far, cannot believe that tomorrow is the final day! -cries-.
To help you get to know the Italian author a little bit better, I was allowed to ask her a few questions:

TWG: Could you tell us a bit about you and your background before you began writing? 

If I look back on my childhood, I see a little girl with a book and a pen in hand. I write from my life, from my own memories. I could not imagine my life without books, because I owe everything to them. As a child I never dreamed of becoming a writer but instead I wanted to be a veterinarian. I had written several novels before Someone To Love, but I was never convinced. I felt it was not the right time. This is why I started writing a blog, always talking about books, and then two years ago I embarked on this adventure. I am a normal girl, who lives with a boyfriend and a fur ball named Bubu. I am almost graduated from veterinary school and I hope one day to look back with satisfaction. 

         TWG: Have you always wanted to become a published writer? 

Oh, no. When I was a little girl I did not recognize the role of a writer because I always saw a shop assistant in the library. Only with time I understood, but I was focused on other professions and passions. I love animals and would like to find a job that relates to my University studies, but life sometimes takes you down different paths. Thankfully I had that moment that made me believe in myself and in my work that lead to me getting published. 

        TWG:  If you could pick one character from Someone To Love, who would it be and why? 

Surely the main character, Mia. There is so much of me in her: my dreams, my childhood memories, love for animals and children, the link to her grandparents and the need to be loved. To be honest, I have so much to learn from Mia. She is a strong, determined woman, focused on what she loves and loves with her whole being. I wish I had her courage. 

         TWG: Have you ever disliked any of the characters in your book? 

No, in general I create characters who have something good about them or who has a message which should be communicated to the reader. For me it is important to make sure the characters are capable of arousing emotions. 

         TWG: What influenced your thoughts to begin writing Someone To Love? 

Sure you want to know? My dog: Bubu. It was one afternoon, it was raining outside and I was bored. I turned to see my dog, sleeping belly up and, like a thunderbolt, came the long-awaited light. 

         TWG: Mia has two love interests in the book, was it difficult to think up two completely different love interest personalities? 

Mia is a woman who runs away from love. She decides not to suffer anymore and to devote to herself to her passions and her work. After all, we all want to be loved and Mia will face a crossroads. Two completely different men who will test her. Head or heart? This is the choice Mia must make Mia and fast. I tried to create two very different characters, both from the physical point of view but also character. Readers like good-looking, bad men, but also those who are romantics who provide security.  

         TWG: If you were Mia, would your ‘Someone To Love’, be completely different? 

You are referring to the choices that make Mia? Yes, I would not have changed anything. But she’s very similar to me, and it was easy to talk about her love life. 

         TWG: Time for a tough one, if you could choose any book that has already been published to be the author of, which one would you choose and why?

There are many. Until a few years ago I would have answered Little Women, but today I would say you Gone Girl for a simple reason: it is too brilliant and diabolical.

 TWG: One final question. What advice would you give to a writer that wants to be published? Any words of wisdom?

I am very bad in giving advice. Each person has a different fate, a different personality and a different talent. If you have a dream, then you will find a way to make it come true. Never force things, because they are more beautiful if they are unexpected. Have fun, write for yourself and do not miss the ones that surround you. Read, read so much and never have negative thoughts. Request insight from someone who is close to you, but then create your own path.

Even answering questions Lucy writes beautifully! Thank you to Lucy Scala for taking the time to answer my questions! Hopefully you as readers will feel a little bit more connected to the author, maybe some of you might relate to her answers? Tomorrow is the fourth and final day of the tour and I will be sharing my own personal views on love. I hope you will join me! Until then, I will leave you with the all important book details and the links you need.


A heart-warming story of a young woman’s search for her one true love. Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes.

Mia is thirty, has a history of unhappy love affairs and a mother who arranges blind dates for her. Every night Mia dreams of her ideal man, but in the morning she wakes up next to a brute with drooping ears and a bristly coat. By day she runs one of the best-known veterinary clinics in Turin and organizes pet therapy sessions at the local hospital. True love never seems to enter her life. Or so Mia thought, until she meets Alberto, an attractive doctor, and Diego, a policeman who has just moved to Turin from Puglia.

At last Cupid is going to shoot his arrow; will he manage to pierce the heart of the right man for Mia?

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