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#Discussion – What’s on your mind TWG? Do readers expect too much from books, or are we easily pleased?


TWG is back for another ‘What’s on your mind TWG?’! Fellow blogger Rachel Gilbey inspired this weeks discussion after one of her posts in a blogger group.

This week I am asking you; as readers, do we expect too much from books? Does reading a lot of books make you harder to please? OR are we as readers easily pleased? Do we go for the books that other people LOVE and make ourselves LOVE them to fit in?

I must say, I am incredibly curious as to what your replies to this discussion will be! It’s a topic that is incredibly in-depth and will take more than TWG to understand it, but a girl can try…right?

Have you ever read multiple books from one genre and found that you were harder to please, the more you read? Years ago I used to think that if you’ve read one chick flick book, then you’ve read them all. Complete ignorance on my part. Whilst a lot of people associate chick flicks with ‘boy meets girl, get married, happily ever after’, that is definitely not the case. Don’t get me wrong, chick flicks/romantic comedies have a higher rate of happily ever afters, but to judge the books by that concept is like judging a crime novel for having too many murders!

I have read a lot of romantic comedies, and I will continue to do so because different authors have different approaches to the genre. After all, different people lead different lives and interpret situations in multiple ways. Back in the day, I was quite hard to please in terms of books as I had gotten far too comfortable with the same author, the same style of books. Ultimately you’re setting yourself up to be picky doing that. There are thousands of books out there these days, books that will suit every type of reader, but do we STILL expect too much?

It’s a hard question to answer, very hard. Some readers may expect a lot from the books that they read and put certain authors on a pedestal, and then get miffed if their next books don’t live up to their expectations. Writing that last sentence made me feel so bad for authors. I’m aware that they need to be prepared for their work to be critiqued, that’s the hardship of putting something out in the big wide world as everyone has got an opinion. But, are we being too fussy?

When you pick up a book to read based on other people’s opinions, there is a chance that you will have their thoughts in your mind as you read the book. When you pick up a book based on your own wants from a book, you’re probably choosing the book based on what you’ve read before, or what you know.

I know what books I like to read, but as I get older, I enjoy finding the books that are out of my comfort zone, trying something new or finding a new author. It’s exciting to find a book that you can sink your teeth into, or cry at. That type of involvement from a book can be priceless and sometimes our own expectations can hinder it. When I read books, I don’t sit with a checklist and compare it against other books because that isn’t fair to the author. Every author writes their own books based on their own research, simple. A new book is a fresh start, and in my opinion, reading a lot of books doesn’t make you expect too much, it just makes you more aware of what you like and what you don’t.

That being said, I would never insult an author personally if their book was not my type of book, I chose the book to read, they didn’t force it upon me. I also wouldn’t be nasty about a book that I didn’t enjoy and whilst I always find the positives, some authors do need to know that every book isn’t going to be a 4 star rating from every reader.

What are your thoughts? Do you have high expectations? As always, please do let me know, get involved! Thank you to Rachel Gilbey for being my inspiration behind this weeks post!

13 thoughts on “#Discussion – What’s on your mind TWG? Do readers expect too much from books, or are we easily pleased?

  1. I think it depends on the author, and if we have read other books from them, even though it’s a whole new book and storyline. I love to read, and I go in with the knowledge that they won’t all be winners. 🙂

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  2. As I get older I am more likely to try books out of my comfort zone or authors who are just starting out because I have found some gems via that route. I do however have my favourites that I revert back to if I need a ‘comfortable’ read. Certain authors I know that I will enjoy break up the ever growing TBR! Personally I have found audiobooks a great way of trying new genres, strangely it seems to work better than looking at the actual book .. yep, I know I’m weird lol … fabulous post. Nice to see my BFF was an inspiration as well 🙂 xx


  3. I do believe the more I read my favorite genres, the harder it is to please me. You know the usual threads and want to be surprised, so when a book just reuses what you’ve read a hundred times, it does not have the same effect than when you started with the genre. Getting out of your comfort zone and trying to branch out can help a lot. That’s why I do my best to switch genres every week.

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      1. Psychological thrillers. I can’t stay away from them too long, and crime/mystery. I can’t resist a good dystopian either. But thanks to the community, I expanded my horizons, getting back to fantasy, a bit of scifi and romance. This way, I’m less picky when I get back to my favorites.

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  4. I would never force myself to like a book just because it’s popular and everyone is saying its good. There’s been a few books I’ve found really boring only to find lots of 5 stars on Amazon and wonder then, if it had the same pages in it. I don’t think I have too high expectations from books, I just dive in and hope for the best. I’ve recently read 3 books from the historical fiction genre which I never thought would be my thing, I’m still not sure why I chose them in the first place but so glad I did because I really enjoyed them.

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      1. The first one I read was The Postcard by Leah Fleming. I got it because it was free and sounded quite good. They say the best things in life are free and as far as books go I think it must be true because some of the best books I’ve read have been promoted as a freebie. Another memorable one is The Bone Church by Victoria Dougherty. I think that must have been free when I downloaded it. I’d keep looking at it in my list to be read thinking why on earth did I choose that book. Until eventually I decided to read it. It was brilliant, complicated and confusing yes and completely out of my usual reading genre but so glad I read it, I loved it.


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