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#Blogtour take 1! An interview with Elle Field, author of ‘Found’? Yes please!!


Today it’s TWG’s turn on Elle Field’s blog tour for her latest release; ‘Found’. You might be wondering why it’s ‘take 1’? Not only is today my stop on the tour, it’s also my 1/2! I’ll be back for take 2 on the tour on the 24th August. If you want to keep up with all the stops on the tour, take a nose at the tour banner.

I had the pleasure of interrogating, SORRY, interviewing Elle. Why DO I keep getting that wrong?! 😉
Apparently Elle wants to touch people……

Hi Elle and welcome to TWG interrogation! Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you! Oh, it’s not an interrogation? It’s called an interview? Pfft, spoil my fun! Anyway, whilst I’m sulking, could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself please?
Hi, my name is Elle, and I don’t like interrogations… Oh, wait. This is an interview? OK, I can cope with this! (You’re *sure* this is an interview, right? I’m trusting you!) Let’s see, I live in London, in the same bit where Noah Penrose lives (readers of the Arielle Lockley books will know where I mean), but fortunately I’ve never bumped into any NP-types.

I’m the author of the Arielle Lockley series and Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not, which are new adult/coming of age/chick lit books, and I, myself, love reading. (Which often gets in the way of my writing!) I like holidays (who doesn’t?), giraffes, musicals and tea. Right, is that enough to stop you sulking?

Round 1: Okay, I’m going to give you a quick fire round, choose just one!
Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck?

Minnie Mouse!
Socks or slippers?
Socks, though I do have some awesome slippers that look like Sulley’s feet (from Monsters Inc.).
Hair up or hair down?
Hair down (when I can be bothered to straighten it).
Chocolate or crisps?
Chocolate. Big fan of Milka Daim. Yum! (TWG: now you’re talking!!)
Starter or dessert?
Dessert, please.
Bananas or apples?

Round 2: Would you?
Would you go into a supermarket in your pjs?

Yes, though maybe not in my giraffe kigu…
Would you walk through a busy town in a Disney costume?
Definitely! Who doesn’t love Disney?
Would you prank your partner for a bet?
Ha, of course, but I’m not sure I’d be able to keep a straight face!

Round 3: TWG becomes sensible. How did you find those questions? Am I still your friend haha?
Ha, you are! Though I’m now trying to think which Disney costume I would wear..
What made you decide to write your first book?
So, Kept wasn’t my first book, it was a book called Torn. Basically, I’d had a pretty rough time at uni one semester, and I wrote that book in the summer for catharsis. I had scribbled down other tales before, but that was my first chick lit book and it was great practise for writing Kept. One day I’ll revisit that book and edit it up to scratch.

Did you always want to be a writer?
I did, though sadly since people don’t advertise “author” as a job. It’s something I’ve had to do alongside building up a career so I can actually eat!

You’ve written a series of books, the first one called ‘Kept’. All four novels have quite intriguing titles, may I ask how that come about?
Originally Kept was titled The Ramblings of an Unemployed Graduate (I called it TROG for short), then Pipe Dreams and Professions (which was my old blog’s title), before I realised that less is more and Kept was a far better title. “Kept”, “Lost” and “Found” are the perfect words to describe each book in one word.

I must admit, I haven’t had the chance to read the previous books in the series yet. So I am going to be annoying and read the most recent one first. What advice would you give your readers for reading your books out of ‘sync’ as it were? Are you secretly cursing me for that?
I am! And I implore you to read them in order. As I mentioned above, Found follows directly on from Lost, so for you to get the most enjoyment out of Found, it’s worth knowing why Arielle was “Lost” to begin with! You’re going to get confused if you read Found first, and you won’t enjoy it as much. (Ask the lovely Ana from This Chick Reads, she read Found first and wishes she had read Lost, at the very least, first!)

The last book in the series ‘Found’ is out right now, could you tell us a little bit about the book?
Found is the final (*coughs*) book in the Arielle Lockley series and it’s set in New York City, which was such a treat to write. You’re going to find out why Piers let Arielle be a kept woman for so long, what’s troubling Ob, and also discover if Etta and Arielle manage to put their differences aside… There are weddings galore to look forward to – yes, multiple weddings! – and some old characters will make an appearance.

If you could choose any book already written, to claim as your own (just to clarify, we aren’t stealing. DREAMWORLD), which one would it be and why?
Has to be the Harry Potter books, doesn’t it? Though that amount of success… mightily scary! To touch that many people with my words would be amazing though.

What were your favourite books to read as a child? I’m assuming you were a bookworm, please don’t insult me by saying that you weren’t ;).
Books? What are they? Ha, of course I was, and I was such a bookworm that even though children were only allowed to borrow three books from the library, I was allowed to take out five because I read so quickly. When I wasn’t taking books out from the library, I was spending my pocket money on books. (Of course!)My favourites included The Baby-Sitters’ Club, Goosebumps, the Sweet Valley books, the Anastasia Krupnik books, Roald Dahl’s books, Enid Blyton’s books (especially Malory Towers and the Famous Five series), and when I was really little I loved Puddle Lane and also Richard Scarry’s books. Oh, and The Chronicles of Narnia!
(TWG: Elle, you’re the first interviewee that hasn’t said The Magic Faraway Tree! Care to explain why not, HMPH!!)

I have noticed on your social media that you seem to have a slight addiction, with the library. Libraries are in need of a lot of support just now, you’re definitely helping, but, if you had a magic wand, how could you make more people step foot into a library?
I think addiction is putting it strongly! Nah, libraries are marvellous places and such an amazing thing when you think about it. Someone is letting you take out books for free and through them you’re being entertained and transported into different worlds. For free!! I would set us a scheme where people get an afternoon off work each week, but they have to spend it in the library reading (not necessarily work-related books either!). Do you think that would work?

I am going to put you on the spot, TWG LOVES exclusives. Can you give me an exclusive today? What are you working on right now? What else can we look forward to from the glorious Elle Field? Tell me allllll!
I’m writing a book that’s set in Brixton, and follows the story of Audrey Huckle, who is the polar opposite to Arielle (fashionista, previously a “kept” woman) and Geli (fluffy newspaper columnist). She’s very down-to- earth, but she’s also a little *too* trusting… and that’s why her calamities begin! We’ll forgive her for being an estate agent. I’m also writing a YA dystopian novel, though that wouldn’t be released as a glorious Elle Field book… Ooooh, do I have more than one pen name? I’ll never tell! 😉

Thank you so much Elle!
No, thank you for having me on The Writing Garnet today! 😀

I must admit, I was in hysterics hearing Elle’s answers! This is what I love about my job (can I call it that?!), being able to have a laugh in an interview. Brilliant.

untitled (13)

“How did people even come up with the idea of these dizzying skyscrapers, let alone work out how to make them possible? Whoever built the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, their legacy will live on forever. What sort of a difference will I ever make?”
Who knew one flight could change everything? When Arielle Lockley stepped on the plane at Heathrow, she never realised how different her life would be when she touched down in New York City. Now she’s dealing with that aftermath, as well as trying to find common ground with Etta, her new and unexpected business partner.

But, trying to sort out business in London whilst her fiancé, Piers, recovers from surgery in New York, is starting to take its toll on their relationship. Can Arielle and Etta work together to continue Felicity’s legacy without destroying it, and will Arielle and Piers even make it down the aisle to say “I do”?
Find out whether Arielle gets her happily ever after in the final part of the warm and wonderful Arielle Lockley series.

If you like the sound of that, Elle is running a giveaway to celebrate the release of her book. To enter click —>a Rafflecopter giveaway<—

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