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Book review – You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane.


What happens when the one that got away comes back? Find out in this sparkling comedy from #1 bestseller, Mhairi McFarlane.

‘Think of the great duos of history. We’re just like them.’
‘You mean like Kylie and Jason? Torvill and Dean? Sonny and Cher?’
‘I think you’ve missed the point, Rachel.’

Rachel and Ben. Ben and Rachel. It was them against the world. Until it all fell apart. It’s been a decade since they last spoke, but when Rachel bumps into Ben one rainy day, the years melt away.

They’d been partners in crime and the best of friends. But life has moved on: Ben is married. Rachel is not. Yet in that split second, Rachel feels the old friendship return. And along with it, the broken heart she’s never been able to mend.

Hilarious, heartbreaking and everything in between, you’ll be hooked from their first ‘hello’.

What does TWG think?

Yes….this book title had me go all Adele on you. Multi-talented, you impressed? Booya.

Anywhoo -clears throat-. Mhairi McFarlane is a name that I have seen multiple times because of her recent novel ‘Who’s that girl’ (which I still need to read). So when I felt the urge to buy a new book for my kindle, not that I needed anymore, Mhairi was first on my list. Yes, I did buy this particular book because the ‘hello’ made me sing Adele. I admit it (sorry not sorry).

Imagine that you’re planning your wedding, discussing the entertainment with your fiancé, how exciting would that be! Except, you’re no longer doing that, everything just….stops.
It’s times like those when you need your friends, luckily for Rachel, she has an incredible support network. However, one person from her support network gives her news that completely throws her off guard. A piece of news that will either bring her more hurt, or give her the happily ever after she craves. There’s one teeny tiny catch though, the news is male. What are the odds of him recognising her though? Will it be ‘Hello!’ or ‘Goodbye’?

As you’re already aware, this was the first book of Mhairi’s that I had ever read, part of me wasn’t sure what to expect. But, seeing as I follow her on Twitter, I knew (and hoped) that I would be laughing.
Oh and I did, multiple times! ‘You had me at hello’ had me in absolute stitches. It was written as though Mhairi wasn’t talking to readers, she was talking to a good friend. The way the book flowed was very laid back in a brilliant sense as it made it really easy to read, and that itself, makes it more enjoyable if you’re not sitting questioning the book.
The character’s had their own individual personalities and completely gelled as a group. My favourite would have to be Ivor! He does not give a flying monkfish! I must say I did take an instant disliking to Rhys, I found him to be such a pretentious and selfish bellend (sorry). It did make for great reading though as I was certainly giving Rachel the old ‘GO ON GIRL, YOU TELL HIM’. No seriously, I was. Girl power!

When it came to light about the male news that Rachel was given, it reminded me of the scene in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant is utterly determined to find the beautiful woman who caught his eye (Julia Roberts). Roles reversed obviously, and not EXACTLY like that, but yeah, definitely reminded me of it. I did work out where the storyline was going, well, at least I thought I did! Mhairi turned the storyline on its head at one point and I was in hysterics as she did so. The whole book for me was very cleverly written. The humour was brilliant. My sort of humour as it was dry, sarcastic with added blunt moments.

‘You Had Me At Hello’ is a hilarious book which highlights the importance about being true to yourself in such a light-hearted way. Life throws us curveballs all the time, but it’s what you do with them that is important. Mhairi McFarlane gave her character’s power to go for ‘it’ and leaves you feeling as though you have just gained a whole group of friends. A fun, easy-going read, definitely not one to be missed!

You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane, published by Avon, can be bought right now from Amazon UK.

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