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It’s publication day for Daisy James’ – ‘When Only Cupcakes Will Do’. When better for a review?!

daisy james


‘When life gives you lemons, make lemon-drizzle cupcakes…

Lucie thought that proposing to her boyfriend in Tiffany’s would be the best day of her life. Until he said no. In just a few seconds, her whole world is turned upside-down! And when she accidentally switches cocoa powder for chilli powder at work, she finds herself out of a job, too…

Baking has always made life better in the past, but can Lucie really bake her way to happiness? Starting her own company, selling cupcakes out of an old ice cream van might just be the second chance that Lucie needs!

Of course, she never expected to find love along the way…’

What does TWG think?

Thank you to Carina and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC in return for my honest thoughts!

Ever since I was involved in the cover reveal for this book, ‘impatient’ became my middle name. I love cake. The title has ‘cupCAKE’ in it, therefore, I had to read it! I had my fingers crossed because I didn’t want to be disappointed. I hoped my excitement for the book hadn’t hyped it up too much…

Ah, Tiffany’s. What female has never heard of Tiffany’s? I’m sure a lot of females would love to have their engagement ring from that particular jewellers, especially if they got proposed to right in the building! How incredible would that be?! Lucie thought that getting engaged in Tiffany’s would be surreal, and SHE had arranged to do the proposing! Oh how romantic! Well, it would have been romantic, if her boyfriend had said yes….
Thank goodness for cupcakes eh?!

You think you’re on the same path as your partner, ready to take the next step in your relationship, until one night, the rug takes taken from under your feet. Everything you thought you had, the romance, the plans, the dreams….all gone. Of course you’re going to be heartbroken, who in their right mind wouldn’t be? But there does come a time when you need to put on your big girl pants from Asda and own the situation. Move on. That doesn’t mean putting chilli flakes on top of a dessert though….no really…it doesn’t!

Never mind Lucie being heartbroken, I was heartbroken for her! What a plonker of a boyfriend! Life did have to go on, bills needed to be paid, so of course Lucie had to work. I found the events in the kitchen where she worked, absolutely hilarious. I probably shouldn’t have, I mean, I would be a tad miffed if I was on the receiving end of it in a restaurant. But, I wasn’t, so I could laugh ;).

The way positive events popped up for Lucie had me clapping my hands like a sugar hyped school child. You’ll see what I mean when you read the book! Several paths that Lucie went down created such a fun and vibrant atmosphere within the whole book. Yes, she did face heartbreak and loneliness, but the way she coped with it all made the book even more of an enjoyable read.

Cupcakes do feature quite a lot in ‘When Only Cupcakes Will Do’, which is obviously a good sign what with them being in the title!  However, all the different varieties of yumminess made me exceptionally hungry! I think a warning should be on the front ‘Only read with a CAKE in your hand’.

I could see where the storyline was heading, especially in terms of the ending, BUT, it didn’t ruin the book or the feeling that I got whilst reading it. I was extremely excited to read this book, and no, it most certainly didn’t disappoint. ‘When Only Cupcakes Will do’ is such a light-hearted and fun read containing characters that will keep you thoroughly entertained. Not only that, it’s the perfect book to read when times are hard in your own life. ‘When Only Cupcakes Will Do’ is the ideal book to escape in; where better to escape than with cake?

 When only cupcakes will do by Daisy James, published by Carina, is available to buy and download right now from: Amazon Uk

2 thoughts on “It’s publication day for Daisy James’ – ‘When Only Cupcakes Will Do’. When better for a review?!

  1. A huge thank you, Kaisha, for having me as a guest on your wonderful blog. I’m so pleased you enjoyed When Only Cupcakes Will Do and sorry if I caused you to rush to the bakery! Love Daisy:)

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