It’s publication day for Melody Bittersweet and Kitty French answers five of TWG’s questions!

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I am bouncing around the room with excitement, pretty similar to a toddler that has had sugar, yet I didn’t even write this book! You may have seen me mention this book once or twice. Missed it? Here’s a recap!
First of all I wrote a review for this fantastic book which can be found here: Book review of ‘Melody Bittersweet and The Girls Ghostbusting Agency’ by Kitty French.
Then, Kitty French’s book became TWG’s Book of the month for June:
It’s time to reveal TWG’s Book of the Month – June!!

As it is Kitty’s day to celebrate this magnificant book, her publishers Bookouture – Kim Nash, allowed me five questions to ask Kitty. Now, I like to delve into the nitty gritty when I write questions for authors, so choosing just five was quite difficult!
Want to see what I asked? Of course you do!

TWG asks…Kitty French!
TWG: Kitty, how did you find the inspiration to create such a multi-dimensional character as Melody?
Unusually for me, Melody strolled into my head almost fully formed, complete with her name! I generally have to work quite hard to world build, but Melody and Co felt very real and vivid in my head from day one. Does that sound a bit weird? I feel like I know them really well and enjoy spending time with them, which I hope comes over on the page.

TWG: A lot of people may not believe in ghosts, nor have come across them. Why did you choose the subject of talking to and seeing ghosts? Was it a difficult topic to research?
Without wishing to sound like a cop out, again, Melody came to me with all of her quirks and foibles, so I had little choice but to write my first paranormal! I did research things to a degree, but I was also mindful that I wanted to keep the story as original as I could and for Melody and the other Bittersweet’s to have their own unique approach to all things ghostly. I found it quite daunting to get going, but once I’d established their basic world rules it became easier.

TWG: I have to ask, Parsnip, why didn’t you call the dog that? I was rather hopeful!!
Ah, Parsnip Bittersweet, or indeed Butternut Bittersweet! I did consider it, but Lestat just seemed perfect for that pesky pug – I’d read through hundreds of potential names for him and Lestat just made me laugh out loud in my office. He’s definitely one of my favourite characters in the book. 

TWG: Seeing as it’s the ‘Girls Ghostbusting Agency’, why was there a male employee? Not being sexist obviously, but it was a girls business ;).
Well, I can say this much – I hadn’t seen the trailer for the Ghostbuster’s movie at the time, and Artie is definitely no Chris Hemsworth! I just find his character so incredibly endearing, I’m not sure the dynamic would have worked quite as well if he’d been female. I know what you mean though about him being male. Let’s file it under artistic license. 🙂

TWG: I am going to be cheeky, what can we look forward to in terms of Melody? Aka, when will there be the next one?!?!?!
I’m writing the second book in the Melody Bittersweet series at the moment, and I can confirm that it’s every bit as crazy as book one! Expect a ghost circus, a lion tamer and his lion, a castle and a nun. Beyond that my lips are sealed!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot wait for the second book of the series. Going by what Kitty said in the last question, we are in for a treat yet again!

To nab your very own copy of ‘Melody Bittersweet and the Girls Ghostbusting Agency’ right NOW, click this link —>HERE<—. Oh and by the way, good ol’ life may try to distract you whilst you read the book, but don’t let it, you need to finish the book as soon as. I mean, why wait?

Huge congratulations again to Kitty French on her publication day, I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day. Also I would like to say congratulations to Bookouture for releasing yet another fantastic book!

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