What’s on your mind TWG? – Spoilers in a review, yes or no?

Welcome to my new weekly feature –  ‘What’s on your mind TWG?’. I can talk quite a lot, and I have a lot of opinions on a lot of topics. Who doesn’t? That is why I came up with this feature!

What’s on my mind today, well, it’s a topic that has been on my mind for a while, but came to light the other day on a Facebook group.

Do you write spoilers in your reviews?
Do you like reading reviews which include spoilers?

I am probably going to sound like a teacher’s pet here, but when I write my reviews, I do not include spoilers, and I will continue not to include spoilers. Why? Well lets put it another way. If you were excited about watching a film in the cinema and someone came back to you that had seen it first, telling you parts of the film, would you be happy about it? No, you wouldn’t.

People might say ‘don’t read the review then’, but when reviews are such an important factor for authors to get noticed, why should they read reviews that contain spoilers about their own books? Why give away details of the book that you don’t have to give away?

When I write my reviews, I extend on the blurb vaguely, and I talk about the books shell. For example, the shell being the basic information of the characters (names, jobs, age etc), where the book is based and a generally summary. I also include things that I liked and disliked. However, I don’t go into much detail about the things that I really liked because usually that is something massive.

I have read reviews in the past that state that the book has a lot of ‘twists and turns’, and I don’t like reviews to tell me that as I end up waiting for the twist and turns and realise that I have missed them because I was looking for them. The whole point of reading a book is to get involved with the storyline, characters, plot, pets, everything. Reading a book is an experience. An experience that no two people will share, even if it’s the same book as everyone interprets stories differently. That’s why opinions vary about books; one person may squeal about a book and rate it 5*’s and another person may think it was rubbish. But that is okay! But, just because you may dislike the book, doesn’t mean spoilers should be in the review.

I know Goodreads have the option to ‘hide spoilers’ and I actually think they should get rid of that option. I am aware that people may have their own reasons to include spoilers. I am not having a rant about specific reviewers putting spoilers in. I’m having a whinge about spoilers in general. It will always be a discussion that will leave me confused. I just don’t understand why important information that has taken the author ages to conceal within the storyline, gets divulged willy nilly.

I know I am just a reviewer/blogger so I don’t know how the details of reviews affect authors. However, I can only assume that when an author has a book published after months of hard work, and some of their reviews contain spoilers, it must hurt their sales because people might not wish to buy it as they already know what’s going to happen? Authors – could you clarify that for me please?

Rounding up, no I do not like reading spoilers in reviews because I enjoy reading people’s opinions on the book instead of reading vital information of the storyline. No, I do not write spoilers in my reviews.

So, my lovely TWG readers, what is your opinion on spoilers? Do let me know in the comments, tweet me @kaishajayneh or get involved via the blog’s facebook page HERE!

11 thoughts on “What’s on your mind TWG? – Spoilers in a review, yes or no?

  1. I had a one-line total spoiler review on Amazon for my first book and several people commented below it saying they wouldn’t but the book now. Amazon wouldn’t take the review off. I’m over it now!!!


  2. I hate spoilers in reviews and fortunately most book bloggers don’t include them, however I do realise this makes discussing the book on an open forum difficult because often the parts to examine will give too much away for those who haven’t read the book yet.

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