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Author Carol Wyer needs YOUR help and the clock is ticking!

My very talented and lovely author friend, Carol Wyer, needs YOUR help, and she needs it right now if possible.
I’ll hand you over to a message from Carol herself, to explain:


Dear followers of Kaisha’s super blog. Kaisha has kindly let me nip over here to beg for your assistance. I hope you can help me and the Grumpy One. My humorous travel book Grumpies On Board is a finalist for The People’s Book Prize award this year and desperately needs your vote. Not sure what you are voting for? The book was a huge hit with Silver Travel Advisor and The Wireless Radio (who operate for AGE UK) who invited me to write articles for them after reading it. Reviews include:
“side splitting, hilarious Grumpies on Board …  – Silver Travel Advisor
Wyer catalogues a genuinely interesting and inspiring collection of mature holidaymakers experiences, ranging from the sublimely relaxing to the downright dangerous.” – The Lady
“I loved Mr Grumpy his recommendations were so great.” AJ Book Review Club
“An excellently researched insight into the world of the truly grumpy traveller.” Youngsters beware..! Nigel Vardy AKA Mr. Frostbite. Record breaking mountaineer, author and inspirational speaker.
Take a peek for yourself on Amazon and read the first few pages. It is much more than a guide … it is a collection of anecdotes and experiences me and the Grumpy One tested out to help people “age actively” with recommendations and comments from the dry old grumpy himself. It is filled with laughs too.
So please will you vote for it for the People’s Book Prize Award? Voting is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes.
1. Head to The People’s Book Prize Award website
2. Register if you have not voted before by clicking on the registration box and answer the maths problem or it’ll think you are a robot. You will be sent a code to use to vote.
3. Sign back in using your code and click on the purple FINALIST box to get to the right page.


4.Once on the page look for the non-fiction choices (see blue arrow) by clicking on non-fiction
5. Scroll down three spots and find Grumpies On Board.
6. Vote for it
7. Receive a large virtual hug from me and Grumpy.
Thank you so much. It means a huge amount to us both and thank you Kaisha. x

The few minutes it takes to vote, makes a huge difference to where Carol will end up in the competition. Voting closes in exactly 1 week, and every single vote counts. Please do show your support by voting and sharing this blog post. Make Carol’s day and she might, just might, share her marshmallows with you!

From myself and Carol, thank you ❤

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