About me! ‘Is your name Garnet?’

Unfortunately I haven’t been asked that question yet, and I am a little bit gutted! A little birdy told me (clever bird) that blog readers want to get to know about the person or people who write for the blog! I’m hoping that is the case, because that is what is about to happen! Prop up your cushions, grab your cuppa (milk and two sugars for me please) and let’s get started!

As I’ve already established, my name isn’t Garnet (boo!), it is Kaisha. If you can pronounce that on your first try, then give yourself a brownie point! I’m a late twenty-something mummy to a little gem, living in the UK. I have been obsessed with books for at least 16 years, if not more, and I have enjoyed writing for roughly the same amount of time. Here is a random fact for you: I sent Random House Book Publishers a story when I was in my teens! They were so lovely they even sent me a letter back saying that they won’t be using it this time, however it was a ‘lovely story’ and that they will look forward to me going back to them later down the line. Nicest rejection letter I have ever gotten, but it was one that cemented my love for all things words.
I don’t want this to go into a life story about myself, because not only will it be long and unnecessary, you’ll also get bored and we’re not here just for that! Here are some more random facts about myself instead:

1. I have seven tattoos.
2. I dislike odd numbers.
3. Snow leopards are my favourite animal.
4. I’m a chatterbox…I think I talk AT people, probably why I like writing!
5. I dislike snakes, with a passion!

Now you know that there is a real human being operating this blog, here are the ways that you can get in contact with me. Of course you can also follow this blog via the link and even post me comments. The other ways are all on the contact page anyway, but for ease I will put it here also:

You can contact me via Facebook (if you do decide to take a peek, pop a like on your way through!): The Writing Garnet
Follow me on Twitter: @kaishajayneh
Send an e-mail to kaishajayneh@gmail.com

I am extremely passionate about what I do, and I am so grateful I can share my work with you all. It has been a dream of mine for many years, so thank you all for being a part of this journey with me. Please continue to leave me comments or your thoughts, it is very important to me to know my readers enjoy what I write.

You’ve gotten to the end of my ‘about me’! Pop onto the Facebook page or in the comments, leave me 5 random facts about yourself!


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